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taking hands-on education to the streets

Help bring hands-on learning, the arts, leadership development, and mentorship to low-income communities, at-risk children, and incarcerated youth.



Outsiders Nation is dedicated to reaching our low-income and under resourced communities, at-risk children, and incarcerated youth.  Because we understand that external circumstances make it impossible for these individuals to come to us and our thriving 9 acre, outdoor educational program, Outsiders Nation takes environment/experience-based learning, the arts, leadership development, and mentorship to the streets and into detention facilities in order to meet these young people where they are.  In an effort to create equality through rich education, promote social justice, engage community and present exposure to our mentors, Outsiders Nation mobilizes to create an impact in otherwise unreached communities, and often forgotten youth in Kern County incarceration facilities. 

 We met Owens when we first started visiting the Crossroads Detention Center August of 2023.  While incarcerated, Owens’ mother and mentor passed away.  We believe that everyone’s story is worth hearing and with a focus on videography, we offered him an opportunity to tell his story through film.  Owens wrote and produced his own short vignette.  We are honored to remain in contact with Owens on the other side of incarceration and to have him volunteer and give back to our community through Outsiders Nation park days. 


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Can feed and mentor one child monthly.


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Can give one incarcerated youth access to education, leadership development and mentorship monthly.


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Can feed and support a low-income community one month.


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No amount is too small to make an impact.

Outsiders Nation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization | Tax ID: 83-4265171
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