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Heart Mural on Wall

mobile platform.


Outsiders Nation Mobilize Impact is a mobile platform purposed to take the the unique and innovative approach to hands-on education and the arts into neighboring lowest income quartile communities and our local Juvenile Hall weekly.  This mobile platform, made up of pop up classrooms suited for creative hands-on learning, will provide at-risk youth and underprivileged families access to our team of mentors, guides, artists and their individual expertise through unique, custom lessons, training, leadership development and community building.  Individuals will rotate through each of these pop up classrooms gaining skills and understanding.



Everything a director puts into a film is there for a reason.  It’s all to tell a story.  From what you see with cinematography and production design, to what you hear with sound design, to what you feel from the story, its editing, and the performance.  It’s up to each director to find their story and style and lead a team to share that vision.  Every month we’ll explore a new personal story told by a student in letter format.  We’ll look to the storytelling student as our director and leader for the month while they explore and express their unique voice through film.

leadership program.

Outsiders Nation team has a profound desire to instill confidence, leadership skills and character development into our youth.  We have created a leadership program designed to put this unique collective of individuals in a position to mentor students that show a particular interest in one or more of our artistic and/or educational themes.  This is an intentional program designed to see our at-risk youth better themselves and their futures through mentorship and accountability.

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