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mission: incarcerated youth

Kern Crossroads Detention Center is a 10 minute drive outside of Bakersfield, CA. A long, dusty drive down a road in the middle of nowhere. Passing oil rigs and dry, empty fields.

You wouldn’t know it was there if you didn’t know it was there. 


Young men, after being sentenced, are sent to Crossroads facility and then…oftentimes forgotten.

Everyone deserves to tell their story.

 Everyone’s story is worth hearing.


This was the first goal when Outsiders Adventure Co. birthed Outsiders Nation Mobile Impact.  To go into those places…to sit with the often forgotten and be available to listen to their stories.  Sharing cinematography, art, hands-on learning, leadership development, and mentorship.  We purpose to give them tools, skills, leadership training and put them in the way of mentors that can help to shape a better future for them

They can’t come to Outsiders and experience education as a way of life, so we wanted to bring the best of Outsiders…to them.

Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us.

We need someone to tell us that our story is worth hearing.

To know that we are all somebody to somebody.


And we get to do this every single week.

These boys and their stories have changed us more than we could ever begin to change them. 

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